5 Must Dos When Selling a Car

If you have never sell junk cars before, you might not know where to start. Stop immediately. Whatever you do, avoid posting “I have a red truck for sale” on Craigslist. This is a waste of time for both you and the people who are reading your advertisement because it will go to nothing.

What then ought to you perform when marketing a car on Craigslist?


1 – Snap a Photo

There are probably hundreds of other used automobiles for sale even if your Craigslist location page is for a tiny city. What’s this? Yours should have photographs as should the majority of them. Although purchasers from Craigslist aren’t always lazy, why should they email you for photographs after waiting five minutes for you to post one?

  1. Utilize Kelley Blue Book.

Don’t just spit out a number or set your selling price based only on how much money you hope to make. This won’t help, especially if you’re living in a fantasy world. Use the online version of the Kelley Blue Book whenever possible. You may get an estimate of your car’s value for free and in less than 5 minutes. Based on this, determine your asking price.

  1. Be Practical

Use the Kelley Blue Book, as was previously mentioned, to determine your car’s value. It won’t change the fact that you are asking for too much if you pull a number out of thin air and try to justify it with expressions like “vehicle runs like new,” “this is a terrific deal,” and so on. Buyers are also familiar with using the Kelley Blue Book, in addition to used automobile sellers on Craigslist. Break out of the bubble you’re in or return to reality.

  1. Avoid Using Irrelevant Phrases

Many purchasers on Craigslist don’t have a strong online presence. Many of them just learned about Craigslist as a fantastic location to find an inexpensive used car through word-of-mouth. These potential customers are not conversant in online jargon. You are aware that LN and OBO stand for like new and/or best offer, however not everyone is aware of this. The actual typing of the words takes just one second, so do it. Additionally, stay away from expressions like “still runs,” “runs like a dream,” “excellent car to drive from Point A to Point B,” and similar expressions.

  1. Do not overuse keywords.

You decide on keywords for your articles when sell junk cars. These assist in making your for sale car listing visible in searches made by potential purchasers. Declare that you are selling a Ford truck. Use the make, model, and year as your keywords, but avoid stuffing your advertisement with ineffective terms like “car,” “van,” “SUV,” and so on. The only thing this accomplishes is to irritate internet users who now have more garbage to sort through.

Is the car’s value higher in its entirety or in its individual parts? Speak with a junkyard about your requirements and the value of the item. You could be pleasantly surprised to learn that your neighborhood junkyard has some useful answers to give you. They might take the automobile from you in exchange for a small monetary payment, assist you disassemble it and split the profits, or even help you give the car to a good cause so you can write it off on your taxes. Many even offer to tow your car away within 48 hours of signing a contract, which should please the neighbors.


Make an inventory and, if feasible, a list of the operating pieces before contacting a junkyard. Make sure to include the mileage along with the make, model, and year. You can specify the value using additional factors like tire wear and tear and newly bought items.

Locate and contact junkyards in your area first. Provide them with a list of the products that are functional as well as the other details. Find out how much each is ready to accept, then choose the best one. To find the greatest bargain for you, think about factors like whether they will pick up the item for free or if you need to provide it to them.

Finally, and most importantly, see to it that the title transfer goes smoothly. To ensure that the transfer is lawful and clean, ask for a bill of sales. You could wish to set aside some of the earnings from the sale of the car and have a neighborhood barbecue to commemorate their suffering.