Shopping in Morocco

Shopping in Morocco is a novel encounter. No visit to Morocco would be finished without visiting a medina in one of the urban communities like Fez, Marrakesh or Meknes.

Souks (markets) can be best travel Morocco viewed as in large numbers of Morocco’s urban communities however the urban communities with the greatest and extensive shopping regions exist in Marrakesh and Fez. The everyday existence in the old walls of the medinas of Fez and Marrakesh haven’t changed since hundreds of years prior. There are little shops and slows down where individuals will deal over a glass of truly sweet mint tea (Morocco’s public beverage). Hidden ladies stroll around the restricted paths and experts pound plans on metal and the reverberations of day to day existence resonate through the commercial center.

In Marrakesh, the core of the shopping experience occurs at the Djemaa El Fna. In this square there are entertainers and heaps of sights that last as far as possible into the night. There are snake charmers, watersellers who have metal cups hanging from their chests and bunches of new squeezed orange slows down offering the absolute most delectable squeezed orange that you will at any point attempt. Behind the square you can track down the souk, with miles of curving walkways, where you can track down a wide exhibit of products.

Specialty souks inside the souk are given to textures, flavors, meats, metal and ironwork, clothing, and different products. The meat souk, with its outside showcases of goat heads, sheep feet and live chickens, is best knowledgeable about the morning hours, before the intensity of day turns the occasionally stale air foul.

Moroccan Floor coverings

One of the best souk encounters is to visit a floor covering dealer or mat shipper. Hope to go through a portion of a day in the store and drink many glasses of mint tea over discussions north of one of Morocco’s top items.

Costs for rugs are by and large 50% of what you will pay in the UK and plans can be made with traders for transportation and conveyance to be remembered for the arranged cost.

Berber floor coverings:

The Berber floor coverings are the most renowned kind of rug that you can purchase in Morocco. These are normally hand tailored, with normally colored fleece. Colors range from brilliant and happy to blurred. Some Berber rugs are more established and some are collectibles.

Fez floor coverings:

Fez floor coverings are thickly hitched, of astounding quality, with incredibly perplexing examples. Fez rugs are the most costly sort of rug that you can purchase in Morocco. Fez rugs will continuously have a tag showing the quality.


Kilims are wonderful floor coverings that are a lot less expensive to purchase. They are normally produced using fleece or silk or a mix of the two. They make incredible tapestries.

Fine Leatherwork

Fine leatherwork is sold in souks all through Morocco, be that as it may, the best determination is all very tracked down in Fez. Fez is home to a broad tannery, quite possibly of Africa’s most captured site and significant vacation destinations. The cowhide delivered in this tannery is a portion of the area’s best. Assuming you are searching for something to get you can purchase cowhide camel toys (about £2-4), handbags (£5+), and babouches (delicate calfskin shoes) for (about £2-20). These are the most well known calfskin things sold in the Fez tannery store.

Conventional Dress

Another extraordinary shopping experience in the souk is the dress shop. ‘Kaftans’ (conventional ladies’ dress) and the ‘djellaba’ (a long man’s piece of clothing with a profound hood) are accessible in a scope of various styles. The materials range from polyester to silk and costs can begin at £10 and go up to about £500 for an additional extraordinary one.